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"The Parable of the Talents is especially meaningful in this age of media. I believe it's the last story told by Christ because we're in the last of times before His return. If John the Baptist was the opening act for our King's first big show, are saints today the opening act before His finale? Are we called to prepare the way of the Lord, Part 2? To make His paths straight? To clear up the misunderstandings about the Heart and purpose of the King of kings?"

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"Carey has breathed life into so many souls and unleashed so many hearts."

Maureen Hatfield Lopez

Carey always speaks with boldness and clarity.
— Scott Haire
Carey is an inspiration. Without the encouragement I received. I wouldn’t have been able to move forward. I was lifted up to be able to find the courage to follow through. That means EVERYTHING.
— Jen Byrne

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