A late in Life Believer

"I was a burned-out 51-year-old CEO. Today I'm a 62-year-old girl on a mission."


Carey's Story: Her Own Words

"Most Christians are born into the faith or find Jesus early. I've been told: 'The older you get, the lower the odds.' But I've always liked long-shots. So I became one, committing to Christ at the age of 51."


"Back story: I was raised as an Episcopalian at my home city's most "influential" church. To a truth-seeking girl, church seemed like a social statement. Surely believers were there, but I didn't meet them. As a young adult, I followed my older brother into Buddhism and went to a Buddhist school for two summers (Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO) . I even took Buddhist refuge vows and got a Buddhist name. But soon enough, I found the same arrogance in Buddhism that I disliked in Christianity. So I left."

"For the next 29 years, I was a business success and spiritual misfit. I believed in God, but didn't know Jesus. I didn't trust Christians. I thought they were finger-pointing hypocrites. Even so, a few honest-to-God believers were my friends. I respected them, but it took a series of "breakings" in my seemingly good life to bring me to my knees. Once down, I was low enough to look up."

"Long story short: I found Jesus in a lonely cabin on the top of a mountain. He'd been there all along, but I finally surrendered to Him and began a new life."

“A few months later, God spoke to me on a treadmill. He told me to devote my work in entertainment to Him."


My mother, Millie Lewis, was a NY fashion model in the late 1940s. She was the face of Dubarry Cosmetics, the "Revlon" of its day. But before she become a model, she wanted to be an evangelist... That dream would be fulfilled 50 years later.

My mother's vision and unusual background laid the foundation for God's performers rising today in film, fashion, music and theatre.

BSfighter pilot copy.jpg

My Dad was a WWll fighter pilot

He became a stunt pilot for the newly formed US Air Force and met my mother at an air show in NYC. She was the model hired to stand on his float.

Millie Jack Time Sq-119.jpg

Wartime Romance

It's hard to believe it without seeing it, so God preserved the photo of my parent's very first meeting.

AMTC Hist2 copy.jpg

I wasn't sure why I went into business with my mother...

I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but God had other plans. I didn't know my true purpose until 4 decades later... when I found Christ.

“I was thrilled. I finally knew my purpose: the reason my mom was a NY fashion model; the reason I followed her into business; the reason I  worked so hard for so long. I realized God allowed this mega-mess we call media to cover the earth – for such a time as this, a time of deep darkness: so His stars could enter the labor of others; so they could rise and shine."

"So they could multiply His talents; so He could reap where He did not sow; so lost fans could find positive role models; so the Great Commission of Jesus Christ could be carried out in a new way – at the speed of Light with love, not condemnation."

"AMTC (formerly Actor, Models & Talent Convention) got a name-lift: Actors, Models and Talent for Christ. God ordained AMTC to run for 35 years, through trials, triumphs and countless success stories. Therein, AMTC is my past. I am thankful for it. SHINE, LLC is my present and future. It carries the legacy of AMTC in a newer and sleeker way."

Carey's Accomplishments

  • Co-Founder of AMTC, with 4 decades of success in the talent development industry: finding, preparing and launching 1000s of actors, models, singers, rappers and dancers into film, fashion, music and theatre.
  • Key note speaker at 100s of talent gatherings, churches and conferences, especially on God's work in the entertainment industry - and how every believer has a vital role to play.
  • Recipient of 2 "Lifetime Achievement Awards" for contributions to faith-based media and positive stars.
    • First in March 2012 at "The Cry Hollywood" in Los Angeles, by Rob and Faytene Kryskow Grasseschi, along with co-winners, singer/actor, Pat Boone, and MovieGuide's Dr. Ted Baehr.
    • Carey's 2nd "Lifetime Achievement Award" came in September 2017, again in Los Angeles by Marc Mouton of the LifeForce Christian Foundation.
  • Writes and publishes Daily Devotions geared to the media generation, from 2008 through present day.
  • Author of: Actors, Models & Talent for Christ Daily Devotion Book, Personal Development Secrets, The Holiday Diet and her latest work coming this year: The French Fry Covenant.
These things being said, my biggest accomplishment is finding Christ. Maybe next, it’s staying in His Word... Jesus avoided every worldly honor, trophy and title. I am wisest when I remember how small I am.
— Carey Lewis