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“God didn’t tell us
to condemn entertainment.
He said to light it up.”
-Carey Lewis, Author, Speaker, Consultant

Culturally Relevant, Heart Searching Inspirations That Challenge The Status Quo


Author, speaker, Consultant

Two-time winner of "Lifetime Achievement Awards" for her work with faith-based performers, Carey is a frequent guest speaker at conferences, events and churches. From her late-in-life conversion to Christ to her 4 decades of success in the entertainment industry, Carey brings a fresh perspective and unusual insight. She brings to light God's purpose in Hollywood and how every believer has a role to play.


Are you destined to be an influencer?

Media is a Fast Track

The Focus of Carey Lewis Devotions is God. But it's also a mandate to raise a new generation of action stars – in entertainment, business, schools, communities and churches; God's performers are called to be the light of the world, a city set on a hill...

If you're living in the 21st century, media was made for your entrance. Your destiny is to be an influencer: to know your purpose, to multiply your talents, to become role models...  and ultimately, to offer millions of seeking hearts a real Hero to follow.

"Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"

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A time when communication technology (media) connects the entire earth

The entertainment industry (its programs, ads and stars) controls culture like never before. Much harm has come from its nonstop messaging. Why did God allow its massive construction? For His purposes. For His glory. For His Own stars to rise, as in the Parable of the Talents.



A time when finesse & faith team up, making you wise as serpents But gentle as doves

Christ's advice to His disciples in Matthew 10:16 applies today. Go into the world. Meet culture head-on. Be savvy. Be excellent. Be disciplined. Learn the ways of the field you're entering. Make friends with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and goodness.


A time when true stars understand that fame is a gift and a responsibility...

The #1 desire of children today is to "be famous." Kids follow their favorite stars with a great desire to copy them: to dress, act and be like them. Undeniably, children today need good role models and positive examples in media. To whom much is given, much is required.


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A time when Believers show themselves as diverse, relevant & relatable...

Because many outsiders have the wrong idea about Jesus, based on a few loud-mouthed haters who call themselves Christians - but do not act like Christ. A joyful movement has begun where honest-to-God believers are rising and making waves (the good kind.)

“Christ’s Work Is Less A Crusade Against Evil, Than An Assertion Of Good By Precept And Example As The Surest Means In The End Of Removing Evil...”
— Reverend Marvin Vincent, 1866
Carey!  God Is Working Through You And Your Writing. You Have Set Me On Fire Today!
— Melinda Rothfus
Thank you for your vision and leadership. You gave an outcast like me a family of fellow artists and believers to turn to when the journey gets lonely. I will be forever grateful.
— Adrian Valdez
You provided a safe place for my daughter to SHINE. We grew in our relationship with each other and Christ. Today, we are brave enough to strive for a platform to use to tell our miraculous testimonies.
— Dede Kolb
My life has changed and I know my purpose here on this earth. Thank you, Carey, for seeing in me what I didn’t see in myself.
— Kimberland Thylan